Friday, 12 March 2010

Thriller rough cut feedback

In today's lesson, we received a selection of feedback regarding our rough cut. The feedback consisted entirely of positive comments that mainly focused on positive aspects of our piece.

Particular elements of cinematography and editing that were found worthy of comment were the use of black and white, time lapses to generate atmosphere and the slow down and speed up of time.

Our soundtrack was also found particularly effective and tied in well with the atmosphere of the filming, it was noted for being particularly effective at building up tension towards the end of the scene.

The piece received no actual suggestions for improvement but we know which bits to focus at and improve upon from this feedback.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Opening credits rough cut

Friday, 5 March 2010

When are they going to film: 7th March 2010, 16:00.

Who is going to pick up and bring back the camera and tripod: Charlie Raiser or Greg Annetts.

Where are they going to film: Near the train station in Cambridge (Cineworld). We have chosen this area because it shows a good view of the city for our time-lapse shots. Each of us will use a different method of transport to get to the designated location. Matt - Moped along with Pete and Luke. Greg and Charlie will be using public transport i.e bus. The location is public and there will be no health and safety regulations to follow.

Lighting: we will be filming towards dusk as it is the perfect lighting for our film. We wont need any portable lighting.

Actors: Every member of the group will be taking part: Greg - Julius, Matt - Danny, Luke - Lewis, followed by Charlie and Pete as extras.

Film Crew: Pete will be the cinematographer, Charlie will be the sound editor.

Props: Knife, Spliff, Squibs, Mobile phone.

All of the sections are going to be filmed on the day.

Everything will be covered, all sound will be included and most camera shots/angles.


We decided to choose this location as our filming spot as we will be taking a time-lapse shot from on top of the bridge over the train track. We thought this would be a good place as it shows a clear view of a key city area.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

R2-46 review

Their blog is good as they have posted many videos showing they have researched a lot to help them with their opening. they have clearly shown there ideas of their film opening with story boards, scripts and discussions of their soundtrack. so far they are up to date with posts and are doing well.

We have decided to give our piece a rating of 15 due to adult content and themes included within. Not only because of adult scenes of drug taking and violence, but also due to the mature ideas included within, such as social class differences and gang culture which would not be suitable for a younger audience.

Bbfc film certificate: 15, contains strong violence, frequent drug use and strong language

Final decided Main Themes and Genre

Gang Culture
Social class differences

Gangster Thriller